Transform the Lives of Veterans with PTSD…

…and the Lives of Homeless Dogs

Simons Soldiers Foundation employs veterans to find and train homeless dogs as Emotional support Companions for Veterans disabled by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Dogs are one of the most effective therapies for PTSD, however, there are roughly 500,000 veterans with PTSD, but only 2,500 PTSD Service Dogs!

Simons Soldiers Foundation uses cost-efficient, fast-track protocols to train rescue dogs to better meet the overwhelming demand for PTSD Emotional Support Companion Canines.

These incredible canine therapists give vets a ‘battle buddy” like they had in combat—someone they can depend on to watch their back, no matter what, and vice-versa.This deep personal bond helps them cope with the seemingly simple challenges of everyday life they face every day.

Simons Soldiers is Central Command for a network of cost-efficient, regional non-profit Training Centers to help PTSD vets and homeless dogs team to build productive, interactive lives.

This non-profit organization provides economy of scale, proven protocols, and a communications center for PTSD dog organizations to share ideas, improve programs, boost cost-efficiency, generate buying power and assist the most veterans possible.  Most importantly, it dramatically expands training capabilities and significantly boosts the supply of specially-trained PTSD dogs for combat veterans.