Cost-Effective Solution

There are just 2,500 PTSD Support Dogs trained for the estimated 500,000 US Military Veterans disabled by PTSD.

The Vet/Buddy Dog Team Training investment pays for itself many times over.  Vets with PTSD Support Dogs report better socialization skills, less anxiety, higher productivity, income boosts, new independence and cutting frequency of medications to few or none.

The US Senate cited training costs of at least $50,000 per PTSD Dog; Simons Soldiers can train a Veteran/Battle Buddy Dog Team for approximately $500 in a matter of weeks versus the years required by traditional programs.

The Foundation is a de facto Central Command Center for training research, implementing the most effective techniques and streamlining the process to get more dogs trained for more vets. The long-range plan is a network of regional training centers where vets and dogs can train together, and retired dogs can live out their lives on a beautiful campus passing their skills on to new canine generations.

Support Dogs give vets, and their families, a bright new leash on life‚Ķand that’s a phenomenal Return On Investment.