A Familiar Lifestyle Structure

Psychologically, Simons Soldiers puts the military veteran back in a familiar chain of command society. Interacting with similar people subtly revitalizes the vet’s life and spirit, without drugs or medications. The military-like camaraderie of buddies helping buddies, fosters human connections and enhances people skills and bonds. 

Simons Soldiers also offers Participating Vets optional Trauma Release therapy sessions, and ongoing personal instruction, therapy, training, social events and other interaction aimed at engaging the vet with brothers at arms who care.

Boosting Brain Chemistry

These incredible Battle Buddy Dogs can even produce measurable biochemical changes in their veteran partners’ brains. Just petting a dog can boost oxytocin — aka the love hormone — that calms the brain’s fear trigger. High oxytocin levels also improve trust, the ability to interact with others while reducing paranoia and other PTSD symptoms.

Vets paired with service dogs virtually always show improvement; suicide rates, divorce, substance abuse and prescription use decline dramatically when teamed together.  Simply petting a dog lowers the patient’s heart rate, eases anxiety and reduces stress.